Testing Toolkit

The Hompes Method Testing Toolkit helps you uncover the true underlying causes of your symptoms using cutting edge, yet simple and convenient home-based laboratory testing.

Symptoms in the Seven Areas of Health, namely digestion, reproduction/sex, energy, aches and pains, mood, sleep and skin, are not caused by pharmaceutical deficiencies.

They’re generally caused by too much bad stuff being in your body combined with inadequate levels of good stuff.

Bad foods, bad bugs and bad toxins can all cause problems, as can a lack of good foods, good bugs and good nutrients.

This combination tends to cause further problems such as hormone imbalances and when you add it all up you get a whole bunch of symptoms and medically labeled conditions.

Unfortunately, the western medical model doesn’t tend to test for many of the factors that we have found to be important in causing symptoms.

This tends to leave people – maybe you – feeling confused and even perplexed as to why they don’t feel well and how to go about uncovering the answers.

But what if you could turn over the stones and run the appropriate testing and what if the majority of tests could easily be performed in the comfort of your own home?

Well, thanks to the hard work of several excellent laboratories, you can access these tests and finally uncover the reasons you’re not feeling well.

Used by forward thinking medical doctors and naturopaths around the world The Hompes Method Testing Toolkit utilizes the most important and informative of these tests to help you identify:

• Bad foods in the context of sensitivities and allergies.
• Bad bugs in your digestive and urinary tracts.
• Bad toxins, including heavy metals, pesticides, PCBs, plastics and solvents.
• A possible lack of good bugs in your digestive system.
• A possible lack of stomach acid and digestive secretions.
• Deficiencies in good nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
• Hormone imbalances, including thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones.

Our Policy on Testing Kit Sales

You can find information on the main Hompes Method Testing Toolkit we use with our clients below, but please note that we do not sell these kits to members of the public who are not our clients.

We politely request that you first complete the Hompes Method Health Assessment and run an initial 60min consultation with a qualified Hompes practitioner.

This ensures you take advantage of these powerful tests in the most cost effective and beneficial way to suit your individual case.

Individual Hompes Method Tests

Digestive Health:
Stool Test
Food Allergy

Hormone Testing:
Adrenal Stress
Month-Long Female Hormones

Nutrient Level Testing:
Blood, Hair, Urine
Organic Acids
Amino Acids
Fatty Acids

Toxin Testing:
Bllod, Hair, Urine