Hompes Method on skin, hair and nails

“Looking healthy on the outside requires being healthy on the inside – poor quality skin, hair and nails are direct reflections of faulty digestion, detoxification and hormone balance!”

  • Do you have dry skin or hair, or are they greasy and oily?
  • Is your hair falling out?
  • D you have dandruff or toenail fungus?
  • Do you have adult acne?
  • Are you struggling with rashes such as urticaria, psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema?

If so, unless you have an allergy to something your skin is coming in contact with, these are all signs and symptoms of a damaged metabolism on the inside of your body.

To a large extent, the quality of your outer appearance reflects the health of your body on the inside.

If your digestion, liver and hormones are all functioning optimally, you’ll be radiant on the outside, too.

But if they’re not, you have a high chance of developing symptoms related to your skin (and also your hair and nails).

I’ve seen all manner of skin conditions improve or clear-up when clients follow Hompes Method principles and remove bad stuff from their bodies, whilst taking care to replace the good stuff.

I’m not saying you can’t make yourself look “better” by using skincare and cosmetic products, or skin treatments, but to spend a fortune on these products whilst not taking care of yourself on the inside seems plain crazy to me.

Simple Food Reactions can cause Skin Problems

Several years ago, I consulted a qualified nutritional therapist – Anne – who was one of my functional medicine students. She’d had dermatitis for as long as she could remember.

In two years (and several thousand pounds spent in tuition fees) of nutritional therapy lessons at university, she hadn’t been told about the link between gluten – a sticky molecule in bread, cereals, pasta and baked goods – and dermatitis.

After I recommended a gluten-free diet, her near lifelong dermatitis cleared in less than two weeks. I’m sure you’ll agree, there’s no skincare product that has that kind of healing power.

I’m not saying the same foods cause the same problems in everyone, but I am saying that bad foods, bad bugs and bad toxins are definitely responsible for skin, hair and nail problems in a few million people worldwide!

Toxic Skincare Products

I’ll be a little controversial and also state my opinion – based on a fair bit of research – that many skincare products being used by people these days are extremely toxic.

I’ve personally had reactions to skincare products and, once I did my reading on some of the individual ingredients in many of the high street’s most popular products, it wasn’t too hard to see why they were causing me problems.

Some of these products can have the complete opposite effect on your skin than you’d hope for or anticipate!

A Bit More Detail on Why You Might Get Bad Skin

There are tons of skin complaints, ranging from various forms of dry, flaky skin, oily skin and acne (including adult acne), to dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, athlete’s foot, urticaria, rosacea and others.

Sure, if something comes into contact with your skin and causes a reaction, there’s a chance you’re going to get bad skin.

But in my experience, the vast majority of skin issues listed above are caused by problems in other body systems, namely the hormonal, digestive, detoxification and immune systems.

Here are some examples from the medical literature and my own experience of how skin complaints may develop:

  • If your liver is overloaded your body may attempt to push toxins out through your skin, causing irritation and skin symptoms.
  • Insufficient hormones such as cortisol, progesterone and oestrogen may cause your skin to lose elasticity and look wrinkled.
  • Sluggish thyroid function, or low thyroid hormones, can cause hair loss in both men and women, as well as dry skin.
  • Elevated androgens (“male” hormones) can cause oily skin and hair, as well as acne, in women (some women notice these symptoms near the onset of their period).
  • High androgen levels can cause women to grow hair on their chins upper lips in some cases.
  • H. pylori, the stomach bug I had, has been shown in studies to cause rosacea and urticaria (hives). It’s also associated with other skin conditions.
  • Other bad bugs such as parasites have been shown to cause skin problems in some people.
  • Low stomach acid levels can cause brittle nails and poor quality hair due to an inability to digest food and absorb nutrients from your gut.
  • Gluten intolerance and celiac disease – which damage the intestine – have a skin manifestation called “dermatitis herpitiformis”.
  • Milk allergy may cause many skin complaints, including eczema – this is common in children.
  • Candida and other fungi can cause dandruff, thrush and athlete’s foot.
  • Protein deficiency, which is extremely common and results from poor food choices and retarded digestion, is a major cause of poor quality skin, hair and nails.
  • Excess intake of vegetable oils may cause “liver spots”.
  • Dry skin can be caused by simple chronic dehydration.

I could go on, but you no doubt get the picture!

Many skin afflictions are what we call “inflammatory” conditions. The skin can become inflamed for many reasons.

One reason is that your skin is coming into regular contact with chemicals it doesn’t like. Shampoo, soaps, make-up, perfumes, fabric detergents, etc. are good examples.

But in many cases, inflammation on your skin that causes redness, soreness or itching, is an inflammatory spillover from initial inflammation in your digestive system and/or liver.

Why does all this happen?

It all goes back to the Olympic Rings analogy. Here it is again, by way of a reminder:


The red ring represents your skin, hair, bones, nerves, muscles and bones.

The four rings to its left represent hormones, digestion, detoxification and your immune system.

Whenever the four rings to the left are out of balance there is always a chance that symptoms may develop in the red ring.

So when stuff gets into the body that shouldn’t be there (bad foods, bad bugs, bad toxins and bad hormones) and when you have inadequate good stuff (good foods, good bugs, good nutrients and good hormones), you’re setting yourself up for skin, hair and nail problems.

Hompes Method’s 1-2-3-4’s of Reclaiming Perfect Skin, Hair & Nails

It shouldn’t be too difficult to overcome your skin problems, even if they’ve been with you for many months or even years.

It’s also fairly straightforward to clear-up skin problems in children, who often struggle with rashes, eczema and others, as long as you can control what they eat!)

Here are the 1-2-3-4’s of perfect looking skin:

  1. Stay well hydrated and clean up your food intake: remove bad food and eat more good foods according to the Hompes Method Basics programme.
  2. Make sure your digestive system is free from bad bugs and yeast/fungal overgrowth and that you have optimal stomach acid and digestive enzyme levels – the Hompes Method Digestive Health Check-Up can provide you peace of mind in this area of health.
  3. Support and rev-up your liver’s ability to detoxify your body by ensuring you’re consuming adequate protein, vitamins and minerals.
  4. Check hormone levels and address any imbalances you find (for example, in your cortisol, progesterone, oestrogen, testosterone and thyroid hormones).

The specific point at which your skin, hair and nails respond depends on the root cause of the problem in the first place, and that root cause is going to differ from person-to-person.

There are simply too many possible causes of skin irritation and poor quality hair and nails to be able to say for sure what’s going on in your individual case.

Your skin, hair and nails are reflections of how your body is working on the inside so don’t try to cover up your skin problems with creams and lotions, no matter how expensive they are and how much they’re advertised on TV and in magazines!

Hompes Method for Improving Your Skin, Hair & Nails

The first place to start is with your food intake, eating habits and digestive health. You might find that some very simple strategies (almost so simple they’re stupid) work very well.

Don’t underestimate the power of simple changes to your eating and lifestyle habits as a means of improving your skin.

I’ve seen people’s skin improve by removing bad foods, and introducing specific good foods that improve skin texture and quality remarkably quickly.

You have the power to create very rapid improvements in your outer appearance by simply removing the bad stuff from, and replacing the good stuff in, your body.

I’ve seen dramatic improvements in people’s sleep in as little as just a few days when they’ve made basic changes to their eating and sleeping habits.

The Hompes Method Basics online Nutrition and Lifestyle plan is a simple, but very powerful step-by-step programme to help you:

  • Remove all the bad foods from your diet that damage your digestion and create the inflammation that may irritate your skin.
  • Replace these bad foods with simple and delicious alternatives that not only reduce the inflammation in your body, but specifically help in building strong nails, hair and skin tissue.
  • Learn dozens of simple yet tasty recipes and ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  • Apply some simple tactics to detoxify your digestive system and reduce your body’s toxic burden.
  • Improve your liver’s ability to process toxins, so your skin doesn’t have to.
  • Understand which common chemicals and products that, when applied to your skin, can cause problems.
  • Learn some ultra-simple natural skincare methods that cost virtually nothing to use (there are some brilliant natural alternatives to toxic skincare products that work much better).

Hompes Method Basics is my way of sharing fifteen years’ education and experience with you in a single, online programme that’s delivered to you on your computer, wherever you are.

In essence, it’s a plan to help you overcome tricky health challenges and elevate your energy levels without the requirement for lab testing and consulting.

Click here to get started on the Hompes Method Basics health rejuvenation plan today and begin your journey towards glowing, radiant skin, bright hair and strong, thick nails.

Try the Hompes Method Basics programme first and if it does not improve your energy inside 3-4 weeks of following the plan closely, consider that something over and above your diet and lifestyle may be draining your energy.

The Hompes Method Testing Toolkit for “Deeper” Skin Problems

Comprehensive Digestive Health Check

I have a saying that goes like this:

“Your external skin reflects your internal skin”

If your intestinal lining (internal skin) is irritated, it’ll often show up as a problem on your external skin.

This is why I feel it’s so important to find out whether you have bad bugs living in your digestive system, and whether you’re digesting your food properly.

Fungal overgrowth in your gut can certainly lead to skin problems such as dandruff and athlete’s foot.

If you have bad bugs, they’ll inflame your internal skin; if you’re not digesting food properly, you have a much higher chance of developing allergies that may inflame your internal skin, or lead to an allergic reaction that triggers a skin problem such as a rash.

Furthermore, if your digestive lining – internal skin – is damaged, you can end up with something called leaky gut syndrome (technical term “increased intestinal permeability”), where bad stuff leaks through your internal skin and straight to your liver.

As you already know, an overloaded liver can lead to skin problems as your body will tend to push toxins out through your skin to compensate.

Constipation, which I define as not passing at least 8-10 inches of poop per day, leads to the reabsorption of toxins through your colon wall, again right back into your liver.

Thus, proper elimination through your bowel is critical for keeping your detox system working smoothly, and, of course, healthy skin.

Finally, a comprehensive stool test will show you whether you’re absorbing nutrients properly, especially fats and proteins.

If your stomach acid, pancreatic enzyme and bile levels are inadequate, you won’t absorb fats, proteins and other nutrients effectively and this can directly or indirectly lead to skin problems and poor quality hair and nails.

Vitamin and Mineral Status

You can’t have a healthy body if you’re deficient in nutrients, and when it comes to skin the minerals zinc, sulfur and selenium are all important.

The Hompes Method Testing Toolkit has several mineral tests, which we use in different situations, depending on each person’s individual situation and requirements.

Hair mineral analysis, blood tests and even a very basic liquid zinc challenge test can be very helpful in determining whether you might have mineral deficiencies.

Silica is important for skin health, too, but it’s levels are not so easy to test.

Organic Acids

A simple urine test done first thing in the morning can tell you whether your liver is being overwhelmed, and whether it needs to be supported nutritionally.
As mentioned above, an overloaded liver may lead to skin problems in some people.

Vitamins A, C, E, K2, biotin, niacin (B3) and B5 are all very important in skin health.

The urine test can show whether you may have insufficient B vitamin and biotin levels, and give you an indication of your antioxidant status (vitamins C and E).

The organic acids test can also give important information on blood sugar management, serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline metabolism and gut problems.

Thyroid Hormones

People with low thyroid hormone levels, or poor thyroid hormone metabolism, may have dry skin.

It’s very common to see low thyroid hormones in our client tests, even when doctors have given the thyroid a clean bill of health.

Unfortunately, doctors often look at a hormone called TSH, but this is inadequate. In Hompes Method, we look at TSH, but also add in markers called free T4 and free T3, plus another marker called TPO.

We feel it’s impossible to accurately assess your thyroid function without a bare minimum of these four test markers, and we always place these results against your symptoms, your temperature and pulse measurements and other lab results to make sure we gain as much understanding as possible regarding what’s going on in your body.

Adrenal hormones

Your adrenal glands sit atop each kidney. Know as “stress hormones”, they primarily help your body adapt to stress

Cortisol and DHEA – two of the major adrenal hormones, and the two we happen to measure – are both important in maintaining skin health.

The adrenal hormone test is a simple saliva test, performed at home, in which you simply spit into some tubes at different times of day. It couldn’t be simpler.

Sex/Reproductive Hormones

Your sex hormones – particularly progesterone and oestrogen – play a role in skin health, especially so in women.

The elasticity, look and feel of your skin can be affected by deficiencies in these hormones, which can be assessed in the same saliva test we use for the adrenal hormones, above.

We can also run a slightly more complex month-long hormone panel to look at the body’s production of sex hormones if you’re a woman who has skin symptoms related to specific stages in your menstrual cycle (e.g. oily skin, acne, or even hair growth on the top lip or chin).

Book Your Hompes Method Health Assessment & Initial Consultation

If the Hompes Method Basics programme hasn’t been helping, we can still help.

Because so many different factors can affect your skin, I recommend you complete the Hompes Method Initial Assessment and schedule an initial consultation with me, or one of my master practitioners.

We will create for you a bespoke package and hold your hand through the process of:

  • Optimizing your Nutrition and Lifestyle.
  • Running the right lab tests to determine why your energy is low (what bad stuff is in your body, and what good stuff is missing?).
  • Designing specific, individualized supplement protocols to address the lab findings.
  • Supporting you with weekly one-to-one consultations for the initial 90-days of your programme.

To get started right away, click here and instantly download your Hompes Method Initial Assessment Pack.