Practitioner Bios.

Meet The Hompes Method Practitioner Team.

David Hompes has personally mentored all his practitioners (and still does). Each member of The Hompes Method team has struggled with their own health challenges at some stage in his or her life, resulting in the ability to sympathise and empathise with customer and clients. They all recovered from their symptoms using the techniques they now explain and use with clients.

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Jack Walton

“Within the first 30-days my night sweats had completely stopped and at the time of writing I have not experienced the abdominal discomfort either. I became a Hompes Method Master Practitioner because I wanted to be able to deliver a system that enabled me to help other people achieve great results, like I did”.

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Chris Salmon

“In a few short months, I brought my cholesterol levels down by more than 50% and completely normalised my thyroid function. My specialist could not conceive how I’d achieved these results and actually demanded my blood work to be re-analysed.”

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Sara Bayley

“For me Functional Medicine is the fastest route to understanding exactly what is wrong and how to address it.  Working with lab tests enables me to be able to fully explain what is causing symptoms and how many different symptoms can all be connected. Seeing test results is so inspiring to clients and gives them the ability to be able to take control of their health.”

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Micheal Hilton

“My own journey from the darkness of addiction back to optimal vitality has inspired me to help others achieve their universal right to enjoy optimal health.”

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The team have helped clients around the world including:

  • UK & Ireland
  • US & Canada
  • Mexico & The Caribbean
  • Continental Europe including France, Spain, Holland & Germany
  • The Middle East – Dubai, Qatar & Iran
  • India, Singapore, Hong Kong & South Africa
  • Australia & New Zealand