Let’s begin by setting the scene: bad toxins accumulate in your body over time. They can and do cause common symptoms and they can and do cause diseases.

Many people focus on environmental toxins entering the body from the outside, but toxins don’t have to enter your body via food, air and water. They can already be there in the form of bacterial compounds called endotoxin.

This article highlights one of the main reasons we are so anal about helping you fix and optimize your digestive system function. A “dodgy gut” has profound implications for your overall health.

In The Hompes Method, we have a three-step detoxification process, which I call “The 1,2,3’s of Detoxification.”

When it comes to detoxification, many people forget two extremely important steps:

  1. Minimise exposure to toxins.
  2. Fix the gut.

Instead, they continue doing all the things that made them toxic in the first place whilst in vein spending stacks of money on the latest fancy detox supplements.

This doesn’t work. How could it? How can you detoxify if you continue to put the toxins in?

To be fair, it’s impossible to avoid exposure to toxins as we’ve created a toxic world in which toxins are ubiquitous. They’re in the air, food, water and they are absorbed through skin via soaps, lotions, cosmetics, etc.

In Hompes Method, we coach our clients how to minimize toxin exposure from these sources using Hompes Method Basics.

We then encourage all clients to check digestive function. Why? Well picture this.

If you have a bunch of bad bugs in your gut – parasites, unfriendly bacteria and fungi such as Candida – you’re going to have a toxic gut.

Bad bugs create by-products as part of their natural day-to-day lives and many of these products are toxic.

A damaged gut on your part leads to these toxins leaking through into your bloodstream where they can overwhelm your liver. When this happens, the toxins enter general circulation and can begin causing insidious damage to any and every tissue and organ, causing symptoms in the Seven Areas of Health.

Endotoxin (LPS)

The fancy name given to specific bacterial toxins is endotoxin, or LPS. Dr. Alex Vasquez, a chronic pain expert and prolific author and contributor to the literature says:

“Many different species of gram-negative bacteria produce endotoxin, also known as bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS). Even in the absence of viable bacteria, the exposure of humans to endotoxin, say for example by intravenous administration for the purpose of experimentation, produces a wide range of adverse physiologic consequences, including 1) triggering an acute pro-inflammatory response resembling febrile illness or sepsis, 2) increasing intestinal permeability, causing “leaky gut”, 3) inhibiting hepatic (liver) detoxification, 4) disrupting the blood-brain barrier and promoting neuro-degeneration via neuro-inflammation.”

“…gastrointestinal bacterial overgrowth leads to excess production and absorption of endotoxin, which then initiates immune dysfunction and a systemic pro-inflammatory response.”

There’s some jargon here that I’d like to translate for you. What Dr. Vasquez is saying is that gut bacteria produce endotoxins.

These bacteria include types such as:

  • Klebsiella
  • Enterococcus
  • Pseudomonas
  • Proteus

It’s important to note that we frequently find these bacteria in clients’ stool test results and it’s also important to note that symptoms often improve rapidly when these bad bugs are successfully dealt with.

Here’s a very general explanation of how endotoxin causes problems:

  • Endotoxins from these bad bugs can damage the gut wall, especially if it has already been weakened by poor diet and stress.
  • The endotoxins leak through the gut wall and the first place they go is the liver (all the blood from your gut goes straight to the liver).
  • If the quantity of endotoxin from the gut is sufficiently elevated, the liver won’t have the ability to filter them all out of the blood. This is especially the case when people have nutrient deficiencies.
  • The endotoxins are then released into general circulation where they trigger allergic and inflammatory responses.

It’s the inflammation triggered by the endotoxins that causes problems. The inflammation can suppress immune function, cell energy production and create neurological problems that may result in:

  • Fatigue
  • Hormonal symptoms that affect sex and reproductive function
  • Mood
  • Memory, concentration and cognitive function
  • Sleep problems
  • Skin problems
  • Chronic pain
  • …and more (in other words, symptoms in all of the Seven Areas of Health)

Furthermore, since we know for sure that inflammation is the root cause of the major diseases – autoimmune, neurological diseases, diabetes, cancer and heart disease – we have to assume that endotoxin creates an environment in which diseases are more likely to develop.

Oral Bacteria – Another Endotoxin Reservoir

I’ve read a dozen or more books and consumed many hours of video and audio information on the role of oral infections on general health.

There’s no doubt that hidden oral infections resulting from general poor oral hygiene, root canal or tooth extraction procedures can create problems around the body. According to Dr. Vasquez:

“The human oral cavity is heavily populated by microbes, and these microbes and their products such as endotoxin can enter the bloodstream to induce a pro-inflammatory response.

“…The systemic inflammatory response triggered by mild oral/dental “infections” is now believed to exacerbate conditions associated with inflammation, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.”

According to information I’ve read from leading authorities such as Hal Huggins and Dr. Tom Levy, MD, the toxicity of oral bacterial endotoxin is ten times more potent than mustard gas.

Thus, when considering the digestive system as a source of bad toxins, we have to acknowledge the possible role of your mouth!

What It All Means For You

One of the main goals of this short article has been to show you that detoxification is impossible if you don’t stop the toxins pouring into your body.

Your digestive system, which includes your mouth as well as your stomach and intestines, can be a major source of toxicity.

Indeed, you could work hard to minimize your toxin exposure to toxins in food, water and air, but if your digestive system is full of unwanted bugs, you’re still going to be exposed to an array of endotoxins.

I’d also like to point out that we’re only talking about endotoxin here, which comes from certain types of bacteria.

There are other toxin classes that come from different types of bad bugs such as parasites and Candida.

  • Candida produces an immune-suppressive mycotoxin (fungal toxin) called gliotoxin as well as an IgA-destroying protease.
  • Citrobacter produce hydrogen sulfide, which interferes with mitochondrial function and cell energy production.
  • Staphylococcus aureus in the gut should be eradicated immediately due to the well-known inflammatory consequences of its toxins.
  • Enterococci produce lipoteichoic acid, which is pro-inflammatory in a manner similar to endotoxin from gram-negative bacteria.

Again, we find these bugs in clients’ stool testing all the time. They’re far more common than most medical doctors realize.

Then, imagine having hookworm, whipworm or roundworm in your intestine – what level of toxicity are you going to be exposed to in that situation where those worms are pooping in your gut every five minutes?

Without wanting to be repetitive, we frequently see worms in client stool tests in addition to the microscopic bad bugs.

I’m sure you get the point.

When you add all these potential bacterial toxins to heavy metals, one hundred thousand or so manmade in the air, on your food and in your water, plus the chemicals your body makes as part of its own metabolism, it’s easy to see why exposure reduction needs to be the first step of a detoxification plan.

Hompes Method Testing Toolkit

In the majority of cases, the most important “detox” test in the Hompes Method Testing Toolkit is a stool test to determine the health of your gut.

A simple stool test, performed in the comfort of your own home, can provide excellent information about your digestive health, enabling a Hompes Method practitioner to hold your hand and guide you through a healing process.

Safe and Effective Detoxification

The Hompes Method can guide you through a safe and gentle detoxification programme, which I call the “Hompes Method 1,2,3’s of Detoxification“.

Step One:

As mentioned at the start of this article, the first step in detoxifying your body is to avoid putting toxins in!

All too often, this step is overlooked. If you try to detoxify your body while you’re still loading up on toxins, you’re wasting your time – it’s like trying to empty a basin of water while the taps are still on.

Toxin minimization involves:

  • Eating clean food
  • Drinking clean water
  • Breathing air that’s as clean as possible
  • Putting less toxins on your skin
  • Optimising digestive function (see step two!)

Step Two:

It’s essential to optimize your digestive function. Why? Well, a digestive system full of bad bugs is a toxic digestive system – it leaks toxins into your body, overloading your liver’s ability to remove toxins.

A further problem is that a damaged digestive system can’t absorb nutrients effectively, and nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals are needed for proper detoxification!

Step Three:

Once nutrition, environment and digestion have been optimized, you can use specific lab testing to determine your individual toxin burden, followed by a carefully planned detoxification programme using specific supplements and cleanses.