Bad Stuff versus Good Stuff

The central philosophy in Hompes Method is that symptoms in the Seven Areas of Health are caused by a combination of too much Bad Stuff being in your body, combined with inadequate levels of Good Stuff.

The Hompes Method Seesaw illustrates this concept, as you can see below.


The Bad Stuff versus Good Stuff equation is supported by common sense, the scientific literature and the combined clinical experience of functional medicine practitioners and doctors worldwide.

In Hompes Method, we categorize the bad stuff and good stuff into three simple sub-groups on each side of the seesaw. If you would like to learn more about each category, please click on the specific link:

  • Good Food
  • Good Bugs
  • Good Nutrients

Your Body Is Unique

Your own individual seesaw will look different from that of your sister, best friend, partner, son, and everyone else.

You will have your own set of bad foods, your own set of bad bugs and your own set of bad toxins.

Likewise, you will do well on different good foods, you’ll need to replenish different good bugs and you’ll have your own specific set of nutritional deficiencies that need to be topped-up.

How Hompes Method Helps

Ultimately, we recommend you seek to remove the bad stuff and replace the good so your seesaw looks more like this:


At the point where you achieve this balance, many, if not all of your symptoms in the Seven Areas of Health will have disappeared.

In order to get you to that place, there two main levels on which we recommend you focus.

Level I – Hompes Method Basics

First, it’s essential to get your nutrition and lifestyle basics right and it’s no coincidence that we call this part of the programme Hompes Method Basics.

Hompes Method Basics helps you remove Bad Foods and replace them with much healthier Good Foods.

It also teaches you how to optimize your eating habits, balance your blood sugar and improve your sleep whilst minimizing your exposure to toxins and electro- magnetic pollution.

You can implement Hompes Method Basics into your daily routine in a DIY fashion by following my powerful 90-day health rejuvenation programme.

Alternatively you can work with a fully trained and qualified Hompes Method Master practitioner who can hold your hand and support you through the process of change.

Level II – The Hompes Method Testing Toolkit

Hompes Method really comes into its own in helping customize your programme. When the Testing Toolkit is used it can pinpoint exactly what Bad Stuff is in your body and what Good Stuff is missing or too low.

Most of our clients utilize the Testing Toolkit in one way or another as it’s able to significantly accelerate your progress.

Specific tests can be used to identify:

  • Food sensitivities (foods can be good for some, but bad for others)
  • Bad Bugs
  • Bad Toxins
  • Lack of Good Bugs
  • Deficiencies of Good Nutrients

We’re also able to test detoxification function and hormone levels.

You won’t need to use all these tests – the ones that will suit you best will depend on your individual symptoms, health history budget, and goals.

A Hompes Method Master practitioner will interpret the test results for you and hold your hand through the process of rebalancing and rejuvenating your body, based on your specific, individual results.

Whilst the Testing Toolkit is an incredibly powerful tool in accelerating your progress, it’s still imperative to implement Hompes Method Basics as a foundation for your progress.

We do not sell functional laboratory tests to the general public. These tools are only available to clients who are working with a qualified Hompes Method practitioner.

Moving Forward!

If you’d like more information, as well as three free lessons, from the DIY Hompes Method Basics Online Health Rejuvenation programme, please click here.

If you’re considering arranging a consultation with a Hompes Method Practitioner, or if you’d like to take our free Online Health Assessment to identify your key areas of focus, please click here.