90 days to better gut health

This 90 day plan will transform your health

Because you are reading this, I know you take an interest in your health.

I know you’ve been looking for answers – chances are one of these has been gnawing away at you for some time:

  • You probably feel more tired than everybody else – every single day
  • You get ill at the drop of a hat
  • You feel like you’ve been blown up like a barrage balloon
  • You just don’t feel right – but the doctors can’t see it or help

And seeing as you’ve been on my site, you probably suspect you have something wrong with your gut?

Then I have something for you.

It’s taken from my 90 day support plan and simply put, it’s shows you how to make small changes to your lifestyle and diet to transform you health.

I know that sounds like a bold promise – and it is – so let’s get the elephant out of the room: This is not a free product, so naturally it comes with a cast iron, no quibble 30 day money back guarantee.

It’s a cram packed plan, consisting of videos, audios and PDFs full of simple little tweaks to make to your diet and lifestyle to greatly enhance you gut health, which will help – or clear – your symptoms altogether.

But first things first. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not selling a silver bullet here.

It will make you feel healthier – but will it clear any nasty bugs like H-Pylori or Blasto in your gut? No. No it won’t. But it is the first step to clearing them. In fact, all my clients who take stool tests and consultations, all start their tailored plan with the information I’d like to share with you. That’s how powerful it is.

And it’s these lifestyle and diet changes that give you the solid foundation for vibrant health – so that’s why every single client who pays for a one to one consultation with, starts with this information.

Perhaps you’re wondering why I’ve decided to share this plan?

The truth is, it’s a great stepping stone to good health. Many clients who have followed this plan felt better in weeks than they have in years.

After all, if you were feeling awful, and you followed a simple plan and you felt a lot better, what conclusion would you come to? Probably the same as most people: gut health is key to your overall health and wellbeing.

Am I making sense? I hope so. Of course, I’m biased but I urge you to give it a go if you’ve ever mulled over taking a stool test. (Don’t forget, the risks all mine: you have a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee).

So now the choice is yours. Maybe a stool test is out of your budget (they are not cheap). Perhaps ebooks are not your thing. But this? Well, I guarantee this plan will work for you (I mean this literally – the risk is all mine).

Each week, you get around 30 minutes of video and audio. In addition to this, there are always PDFs downloads with the each ‘lesson’, put in to easy to follow actions.

I literally walk you through, step by step, the foundation everyone needs for good health. And that’s not just talk.

In week one I start with the most important steps – starting you day in the right way. Fuelling your body correctly after 8 hours of fasting is key. Without it, you’re setting up the rest of the day to add to your bad health. It really is that simple.

So week one, I got through a waking up routine and getting the most important meal of the day – your breakfast – right.

Week two? No surprises there: lunch.

You get the picture. It’s not all diet advice – there are sleep tips and stress management lessons too – but I do focus on getting your healthier from the inside out.

This plan will help anyone who suspects they have poor gut health that’s causing a whole world of other symptoms.

Is that you?I know for everyone person who takes a stool test, there must by 100 who just aren’t sure about taking one, for many reasons.

As I said earlier, proper stool tests are expensive. This plan is the middle ground. It won’t get of H-Pylori, Blasto or any other horrid little bugs – but it is the first step to getting rid of them. You’ll know because you’ll feel better.

And if you don’t have any parasites in your gut, you’ll feel fantastic on this plan.

You won’t believe how much energy you have. Again, I know it’s a bold statement – but don’t forget – I’m the one taking the risks here. If you’re not entirely delighted with this plan, let me know, and I’ll refund you in full, no questions asked. It really is that simple.

Still not convinced? I’ve created a series of videos giving you the back drop and background information of how and why I’ve put this course together.

These background videos also give away two ridiculously simple lifestyle changes that will make a instant difference to you.

When you find out what they are, you’ll dismiss them – they are that simple. But when you carry them out for a few days, I’ll bet you’ll carry on doing them. You will feel healthier.

My first video is on a subject that really gets my back up. Detox diets. You see them everywhere, especially at the start of the year.

But here’s the thing. The liver (a marvel in its own right) detoxes your body in two steps. When it’s finished step one, guess what happens? The toxins are even more toxic. It’s step two that does the business.
Now have a guess what happens with detox diets? They increase step 1, and suppress step 2, which can lead to disaster for so many, as you’ll see:

But there’s another reason I’ve made these videos. If I was going to spend $265 on a plan, I’d invest some time in it first to see if it was for me (even with the money back guarantee).

This first video is just 22 minutes long – I guess if you can’t find the time to watch it, you’re not that serious about your health.

Or it maybe you’ve just heard enough already and you want to jump straight in. In which case, just click on the button below and you’ll get instant access to my Hompes Method Basics course.

I’ve said all I can.

If you’ve ever suspected poor gut health, parasites or mulled over a stool test, I urge you to try out this plan. You have nothing to lose – and everything to gain. Give it a whirl right now, you can be on the road to better health when you wake up tomorrow morning.

The entire programme is yours for just one payment of $265

“Yes – I want your 90 day Hompes Method Basics Health Plan for just one single payment of $265 – then I’ll get weekly videos, audio and PDFs. I understand if I’m not completely delighted with it, I’ll let you know and get a full refund, with no questions asked.”



PS Still not sure?

Let me tell you more.

The plans is an Online nutrition, detoxification and health rejuvenation program to help you overcome symptoms in the seven areas of health:

  • Digestion
  • Sex
  • Energy
  • Chronic pain
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Skin, hair & nails

Symptoms in the seven areas of health are caused by too much bad stuff being in your body, combined with inadequate good stuff:

Hompes Method Basics helps you remove the bad stuff and replace the good stuff without the need for expensive lab tests and supplements.

We help you achieve improved digestion, sex function, energy, pain, mood, sleep and skin by helping you:

  • Remove the bad foods you may currently be eating
  • Increase your good foods in a delicious and convenient way
  • Optimize your meal and snack timing
  • Improve blood sugar, which reduces a major stressor
  • Master your foods
  • Improve your digestion
  • Ramp-up your detoxification
  • Relax into a good and healthy night’s sleep

Who’s Hompes Method Basics for?

  • Anyone who is looking for improved vitality, work or athletic performance
  • Anyone looking for something more than just a book
  • Anyone looking for a simple, step-by-step, guided program to enhance their vitality
  • Anyone who can’t afford expensive consultancy


  • It’s designed to be a 90-day (13-week) program.
  • But because it’s online you can take as long as you like to complete it, so there’s no rushing and associated stress.
  • It’s delivered exclusively online via a secure member’s website
  • Lessons delivered to you weekly so you don’t feel overwhelmed and can implement the program step-by-step, creating lasting change
  • Each lesson is delivered by a narrated video
  • Each lesson MP3 can be downloaded so you can listen to the materials at your leisure
  • Each lesson PDF can be downloaded so you can file away and read at your leisure
  • Each lesson comes complete with its own Action Guide so you can go away and implement the lesson recommendations quickly and easily

Hompes Method Basics teaches you how your body works so you understand exactly why the recommendations are so effective:

Before you even get started you receive educational materials teaching you:

  • Why it’s so important to maintain healthy, balanced blood sugar levels and how doing so helps improve your energy levels, reduces cravings, balances your hormones, improves your sleep and more
  • Why your digestive system is so important and how to significantly improve your digestion and alleviate heartburn, gas, bloating and pain, without fancy lab tests and supplements
  • Why your detoxification system is so important and how to improve it without fancy lab tests and supplements
  • Why your body needs food and exactly what it does with it once it gets into your body
  • How your cells make energy and why Hompes Method Basics is so effective in improving your energy levels and thus, everything else that goes on in your body

Hompes Method Basics is packed full of resources to help you go right ahead and implement all the recommendations quickly and easily:

  • The famous color-coded Hompes Method Basics Food List
  • The fully itemized Hompes Method Basics Shopping List
  • A weekly meal planner for you to adapt to your taste
  • More than a dozen beneficial breakfast ideas
  • More than a dozen lovely lunch ideas
  • More than a dozen delicious dinner ideas
  • A couple of handfuls of healthy morning and afternoon snack ideas
  • Delicious and healthy salad ideas using ingredients that support rather than suppress your metabolism (hint: we don’t use any green-leaf vegetables in our salads)
  • Recommendations for THREE fantastic recipe and cookbooks to help you implement these meals and snacks
  • Guidance on how to implement the recommendations if you have a busy lifestyle
  • Recommendations to help you improve your food preparation efficiency, leaving you plenty of time to do all the other things you enjoy
  • Guidance on how to optimize your meal timings to reduce stress on your body and improve energy, hormone balance and stop cravings
  • A simple, yet little known nutrition secret and recipe to help ensure you get a good night’s sleep and wake refreshed the following day
  • Simple, “fool-proof” guidelines on how to personalize your daily hydration and fluid intake
  • The benefits of coconut oil and how to use it effectively to improve energy levels, digestive function, thyroid health and overall hormone balance
  • The benefits of gelatin-rich foods and how to implement them to reduce inflammation, improve digestion, skin, hair and detoxification
  • How you can actually enjoy high quality coffee to aid your mineral absorption, without worrying about it being unhealthy
  • How you can even enjoy tasty desserts and sweet snacks, including custard, gummy squares and “jello”, whilst supporting your body’s metabolism (these are great for the kids)

And much more…

Also in Hompes Method Basics, we teach you some simple, inexpensive, yet “priceless” tips to help improve your digestion and detoxification:

  • How to use the sodium bicarbonate mouthwash and gargle to keep your mouth, tongue and teeth healthy
  • How to use Dr. Peat’s famous raw carrot salad to detoxify your gut and improve digestion and hormone balance
  • How the simple act of “oil pulling” using coconut oil to detoxify your mouth and improve digestion
  • How to use skin-brushing techniques to help you detoxify and help lymph circulation
  • How to use a castor oil pack to improve liver detoxification
  • How to use a magnesium bath to relax after a hard day’s work and improve your general mineral levels without the need for supplementation
  • How to use mineral broth to improve your mineral intake, again without the need for supplementation

And much more…

The Hompes Method Basics Process

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive your very own login username and password so you can get started right away.

The Hompes Method Basics program content will then be drip fed to you on a weekly basis for a total of 13 weeks (90-days).

Each week you’ll receive a new lesson with highly relevant and beneficial content, including specific recommendations to help you actively and practically implement the information.

Hompes Method Basics – the week-by-week lesson Index

Week One – Morning routine, breakfast & morning snack

Week Two – Lunch & afternoon snack

Week Three – Dinner & evening snack (with a view to helping sleep)

In each of these three lessons you receive:

  • Recipe ideas ranging from basic/simple/quick to more complex/time-consuming if you’re a dab hand in the kitchen
  • Recipes all conform to our food list recommendations
  • Food preparation guidelines
  • The goal is to get you implementing the recommendations in as short-a-time as possible

Week Four – Protein

Week Five – Fat

Week Six – Carbohydrate

Week Seven – Vitamins and minerals

For these four lessons we explore:

  • What is each nutrient?
  • What does it do and why is it important?
  • Where can you get it – which foods is it in?
  • What are the optimal sources of each nutrient group?

Week Eight – Gluten & Grains:

  • What’s gluten?
  • Why’s it a problem?
  • How can it affect any and every tissue in the body?
  • How to test for gluten intolerance / sensitivity
  • Why even gluten-free grains can be problematic
  • Should you avoid “gluten-free” products?
  • When to eat grains

Week Nine – Polyunsaturated Oils & Green Vegetables:

  • What are polyunsaturated oils?
  • What effects do they have on the body?
  • Why are they dangerous?
  • Where do you find them?
  • How you can easily avoid them using Hompes Method Basics guidelines
  • Why can green vegetables be problematic, especially when eaten raw?
  • How can they adversely affect the body?
  • How to cook green vegetables for minimal negative impact

Week Ten – Cow’s Milk:

  • What are the pros and cons of cow’s milk?
  • How can you determine whether it’s right for you?
  • What can you use instead?

Week Eleven – Soy:

  • What is it?
  • A brief history of soy – why it’s a problem
  • What foods is it in?
  • How can it damage the body?
  • Why is it touted as a “health food”?
  • How to avoid or minimize it in your diet

Week Twelve – Artificial Sweeteners:

  • What are they?
  • What are their technical names and brand names?
  • How they adversely effect your nervous system
  • How to avoid them

Week Thirteen – Alcohol:

  • Detrimental effects of alcohol on the body
  • It’s your choice!

Bonus sessions


  • What are the pros and cons of coffee?
  • How to check to see if it’s right for you
  • Which coffee should you drink?
  • When and how to drink coffee

Organic vs. Non-organic & “Who Owns Food?”

  • Is there a benefit to eating organic?
  • Which non-organic foods are safest?
  • Why “supermarket organic” may just be a rip off
  • How to eat organic on a budget using locally sourced food

Genetically Modified Food:

  • What is it?
  • Why is it a problem?
  • How it may harm your children and grandchildren more than you
  • Labeling issues
  • How to safely avoid it and avoid all the fuss

Food allergies:

  • What are they?
  • Ho many different kinds are there?
  • How can you identify them without testing?
  • What tests can you use?

Sleep hygiene:

  • Why getting to sleep at the right time is so important
  • Why waking an getting up at specific times is important
  • How your waking and sleep hours determine your hormone balance and digestive health
  • A dozen hints and tips to help you achieve a good night’s sleep

Minimizing toxin exposure:

  • How to minimize your toxin exposure in:
  • Air
  • Water
  • Food
  • Skin
  • Dental work


  • Why and how EMFs can be harmful to your health
  • Growing evidence of harmful exposure
  • How to minimize exposure
  • A simple technique to help ensure your body remains “grounded”
  • Specific products to help you minimize the effects of EMFs

Terms and Conditions

You’ll have access to the Hompes Method Basics videos for twelve months from the date you register for the program.

You’re can freely download the MP3 audio files and PDF documents so you can consume the info at your own convenience, and you can keep them forever.


“Yes – I want your 90 day Hompes Method Basics Health Plan, made up of weekly videos, audio and PDFs. I understand if I’m not completely delighted with it, I’ll let you know and get a full refund, with no questions asked.”